Monday, August 11, 2008

Viper Bottom Dock Blank for 4.5

Here is the first of a couple themes I have been working on. I like and work with cars (guess which ones!) so I thought I would do a couple themes featuring them. I have a couple more shots I could use for another Viper theme besides this one so if there is interest, I will make that one also. Tested on 8320 with OS 4.5 and output for 4.2.2 also. Icons appear when you roll over them. They are locked (Plazmic 4.5 issue) to:
- messages
- address book
- calendar
- BB messenger
- browser
- media
- profiles

Thank you to StevenSTL for the OTA!
OTA 4.5
OTA 4.2.2

Here are the screen shots:

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