Monday, June 30, 2008

Links for Blackberry OS (GSM)

Latest links for Blackberry OS

Curve 8310

Curve 8320:

Pearl 8100:



Brian said...

SLVR... its BMC from CB!

I am loving the Blog... nice source for links!!

Just wondering where your .44 links are ;)

SLVR6 said...

Unfortunately all the links I had for .44 seem to have been replaced by .46. No big deal since they seem to perform the same (for me at least). Now for .48......

Jimmy said...

great job!!!
love this blog of yours

wondering where is javelin
8900 101
heard that 109 is coming out

Jimmy said...

thanx to you

i dont have to wait for others to post it in the mailing list

i will just wait here patiently till you posted the latest os

great job
love this blog of yours
may you put some useful application you use